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Sam Rosenberg, CPA

Phone: (215) 245-7777, Extension 101

Tom Cooney, CPA, CFP

Phone: (215) 245-7777, Extension 106

Charles Haig, CPA

Phone: (215) 245-7777, Extension 111

Tracey Drennen, EA

Phone: (215) 245-7777, Extension 119

Scott Rothman, Accountant

Phone: (215) 245-7777, Extension 115

James Monahan, Accountant

Phone: (215) 245-7777, Extension 121

Judy Rosenberg, Bookkeeping and Office Administration

Phone: (215) 245-7777, Extension 110

Marie Forman, Bookkeeper

Phone: (215) 245-7777, Extension 102

Jen Pfender, Bookkeeper

Phone: (215) 245-7777, Extension 122

Christine Alvini, Payroll

Phone: (215) 245-7777, Extension 136

Missy Prine, Payroll

Phone: (215) 245-7777, Extension 117

Patrick M. Smith, CPA

Phone: (215) 245-7777, Extension 108

Jeff Migliore

Phone: (215) 245-7777, Extension 105

Kristine Gress, CPA

Phone: (215) 245-7777, Extension 107

Julie Raffel, Accountant

Phone: (215) 245-7777, Extension 127

Jerry Migliore, CPA

Phone: (215) 245-7777, Extension 140

Jakki Bampfield, Payroll

Phone: (215) 245-7777, Extension 104

Jeannie Paul, Payroll

Phone: (215) 245-7777, Extension 103

Sharon Fast, Bookkeeper

Phone: (215) 245-7777, Extension 116

Connie Raffel, Bookkeeper

Phone: (215) 245-7777, Extension 120

Christa Miller, Bookkeeper

Phone: (215) 245-7777, Extension 128

Kaylina Chapman, Bookkeeper

Phone: (215) 245-7777, Extension 129


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